Modern life exposes us to heavy chemicals and tons of toxins. In fact, we are continuously bombarded by the toxins in the food we eat, in the water we drink and even the air we breathe. I don’t have to tell you about the prescription drugs we take.

Because of this, our colon is clogged with waste materials and toxic chemicals. In fact, the Doctors say that if a person visits the restroom once in three days, he or she is “normal”.

For Pete’s sake, why should the food I eat today has to remain in my colon for three long days?

Can Parasites Be Responsible For Mass Killings?

And here is one of the most unbelievable things I discovered. Autopsies done on almost 80%+ of the people, found out that their colon crammed with waste materials and they required a coffee enema cleanse.

And the parasites were thriving in there. These tiny creatures play havoc on almost every cell of the body. In fact, National Geographic magazine estimates that parasites are responsible for the death of more human beings than all of the wars combined.

The “typical” American diet, plays well along with this. It contains lot of sugar, white flour and red meat. It has little or no fiber and the result is:

Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Moderate to severe Constipation
Digestion problems
Total lack of energy
And you know what…

A Clean Colon Is An Absolute Must For Weight Loss…

If you are in any form of weight loss program, or if you are thinking about taking one, you have to know that a Clean Colon helps you reach your weight goals faster.

You can not only have a flat stomach, lose your excess weight but also as a bonus, your skin allergies may totally disappear.

Are You Open For A Suggestion?
When I told the old Indian farmer, the friend of my grand-father about my constipation and my fears about Colon Cancer, he asked me rather casually, whether I am open to suggestions.

Open to suggestions…? I am all for it. I would pay anything for the secrets of his great health.
I was ready to do anything if only he can help me get rid of constipation and thereby reducing the risk of the dreaded cancer.

And he shared it with me…
He said it will take ALL of five seconds to take this solution doing a coffee enema detox and I’d be completely free from constipation.
I was all ears as he shared me his Secret. I expected something which will take me some time and money and here he was sharing this secret and the cost to administer the solution is Zilch.
I know for sure that when you read the secret 5 second coffee cleanse enema solution, you will also feel like that.
How can a thing so simple and easy can save someone from such a great danger?
I was skeptical and because of the respect that I had for him, I was polite and decided that he was pathetically out of date and gave it a shrug.

And I was still constipating as ever. I still had the impaired digestion and the recurring headaches which made my life a living hell.
Sometimes, I even had this deadening metallic taste in my mouth, I wondered if I have some kind of a toxic plant inside my belly.
Out of pure frustration, I decided to give my old friend a chance.
Hey, I tried everything…
I’ve thrown tons and tons of hard earned dollars down the toilet but I found no relief.
I decided to give this a try and my life changed in just 5 seconds flat.
It’s now almost a year since my freedom day. I am feeling so good. I now have regular bowel movements. My colon is so clean, that I have started enjoying my life once again.
Because my life was changed upside down, I wanted to share it with as many people as possible.

I put together a simple report just 13 pages (all meat and no fluff) where I explained how I delivered myself from the hell of constipation and all its associated problems.(If you are looking for a novel, please go to your nearest Barnes & Noble or your Borders Bookstore.)

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