Colonics, also branded as hydro colon therapy or colonic irrigation, involve the use of warm, sterile water which is inserted into the rectum through a adaptable tube in order to wash out discarded products from the colon, the final section of the intestines. A colonic is only a large enema designed to cleanse the colon from uncultivated products, including stored fecal affair, gas, mucus and other toxins.

Hydro colon therapy is in vogue as an different therapy treatment but have had their share of opponents who do not advocate its use. However there are strong advocates of the suitability of colonics and those advocates of colonics deem that when administered utilizing sterile equipment they can be useful to rid the body of toxic wastes built up in the colon and to renovate the regular strength action of the colon.

The progression of hydro colon therapy is not predestined to be slow but there are many who feel it is indeed uncomfortable, over rated and not to mention uneasy. During the high colonic process, which as a rule takes in the region of thirty to sixty minutes, a small diameter tube is inserted into the rectum, some clinics suggest placing the tube up to twenty inches. This tube is then connected to a plastic hose and the hose is then allied to a colonic irrigation machine. Purified water is forced to flow through the hose and pipes to flush the total length of the colon.

The infusion of water causes the muscles that line the colon to contract and expand rhythmically forcing out fecal waste, gas, and mucus through an evacuation tube that leads back to the machine. Herbs and extracts or coffee can be additional to the water to improve the efficacy of the hydro colon therapy.

After the primary infusion of fluid has been expelled during hydro colon therapy, the routine is repeated until twenty to thirty gallons of fluid have been circulated through the bowel in completely flushing out the colon. Whether a colonic is for you or not is a resolution only you can make. There are many untrustworthy stories the both support and deny colonics. Only you can make the pronouncement that is satisfactory for you.

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